Tharan's Thoughts: Grateful for where we’re at, excited about where we’re going

By Tharan Leopold, Executive Director

It’s that time of the year when society collectively turns to an attitude of gratitude. It might not be present everywhere, but it definitely has me reflecting on what we have at Lupus Link Minnesota. As much as I know this attitude should be present all year long, we’re often working toward the things we don’t have.

It’s been quite a 2017 for Lupus Link Minnesota. From just launching in May, we’ve come quite a distance and have much for which to be thankful. For me, it’s truly about reflecting, being present, and acknowledging all we have. So, I’m taking a minute to reflect on the now and what we’re grateful for today:


Guidance, that which is provided by our founding and growing Board of Directors. These folks are making Lupus Link Minnesota happen, using their skills, experiences and talents to advance our mission. 


Research in the field of lupus – that which we fund through our research grants and Student Summer Fellowship program, as well as that happening everywhere across the world across all autoimmune diseases. We truly are working toward a cure.


Awareness we’re creating in everything we do. And that was certainly evident and inspiring at our Great (Point) 8K this last month, where hundreds were present helping Lupus Link Minnesota create greater awareness about lupus and related autoimmune diseases. 


Third-party fundraisers who have poured their hearts and souls into fundraisers benefiting Lupus Link Minnesota. You’re raising funds we couldn’t on our own, reaching people we couldn’t without you. Specifically Leaf for Lupus which happened in late October, hosted by Kristie Bauer, her family, and Hidden Greens Golf Course; and the Siebens and the Fraternal Order of Eagles and Detroit Lakes Aerie #2342 who hosted “Leather Up for Lupus” back in May.


Inspiration found in those who are living with lupus and related autoimmune diseases. You are all warriors. You drive our work. As I meet more and more of you, I’m driven to do more.


Technology which does everything from brewing coffee for the staff to providing the platform to bring you this newsletter to facilitating almost every aspect of our daily work.


U= YOU. We’re appreciative of you, our loyal donors and supporters.



Doctors and other medical professionals who are fighting the lupus fight too, alongside Lupus Link Minnesota. They’re the ones directing your lupus and related autoimmune disease management and are looking out for you in this fight. 


Everyone and everything else that didn’t fit into a letter above.


Some wise person once said, “Gratitude is the best medicine. It heals your mind, your body and your spirit. And attracts more things to be grateful for.” 

I hope you can share in my gratitude as we seek to grow and further establish Lupus Link Minnesota, knowing that we’re here to support those with lupus and related autoimmune diseases. We can be grateful, but we can’t be content. There’s more work to be done. There’s awareness to work toward today. And a cure to discover too.