Raise Funds

Plan an event or fundraiser to benefit Lupus Link Minnesota. Your efforts can further the work of Lupus Link Minnesota, increasing awareness, broadening fundraising, and overall advancing Lupus Link Minnesota’s mission to advance knowledge and mobilize resources to improve the lives of all Minnesotans and those beyond affected by lupus and related autoimmune diseases.

There are countless ways to raise funds, like those listed here, and we’re open to exploring ideas with you.

As a charitable 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, Lupus Link Minnesota complies with a range of federal and state requirements, as well as generally accepted accounting practices that dictate our Third-Party Fundraising Guidelines. All events require approval from Lupus Link Minnesota, which can be started by completing the application online or by submitting a completed application via US mail or email. The application is included in the aforementioned Guidelines.

Get started today and contact us to discuss your ideas!